That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 122 - Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero is a professor, pastor, and attorney. At heart, he is an evangelist. He is also the author of Brown Church (a book that had me teary-eyed in the introduction). In this conversation, Robert and I discuss the birth and history of what he calls the Brown Church as well as the origins of racial constructs in the Americas. For those of us who identify with the Brown Church, social justice and the spiritual borderlands are descriptors as well as coordinates for where we find home. Listen in – I think you’ll love this interview!

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Mentioned in this episode:

Brown Church: Five Centuries of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity by Robert Chao Romero

White By Law: The Legal Construction of Race by Ian Haney Lopez

Can “White” People Be Saved? Triangulating Race, Theology, and Mission edited by Love L. Sechrest, Johnny Ramirez-Johnson, and Amos Yong

Can “White” People Be Saved? Reflections on Mission and Whiteness, lecture by Willie Jennings at Fuller Theological Seminary

White Lies: Nine Ways to Expose and Resist the Racial Systems That Divide Us by Daniel Hill

Revelation 21:26-27

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