That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 057 - Daniel Hill

Pastor Daniel Hill joined me to talk about his new book White Lies and it was powerful! White supremacy as an ideology has played an unfortunate role in the Church in America and we as believers have allowed it to continue on our watch for far too long. True, not everyone is intentionally promoting white supremacy, but many of us have certainly been complicit in its spread. Daniel tells a bit of his awakening story (more of that in White Awake) and how he now talks to others, in the Church and outside of it, about racism and white supremacy – how to recognize them and actively fight against them.

Daniel Hill is pastor of Rivercity Community Church in his hometown of Chicago. He has authored two books, White Awake and his most recent release White Lies each about the topics of race and white supremacy from a faith perspective. He also has a new podcast called Listen In with co-hosts Brandon and Shumeca where they have candid conversations about race, culture, and faith.

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