That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 056 - Season 2 Opener!

I can’t believe we’ve been going for a year! Thanks so much for listening! We’re giving the podcast a bit of a facelift as we enter year two. We’ve always been about “faith, finance, and everyday life,” but we’re growing and evolving and as we enter Season 2 we’re shifting the focus to “exploring God’s generosity and justice.” When I mentioned the change to one of my daughters she said, “haven’t you already been doing that?” Ha! The answer is yes! We’re just putting it in writing and making it official.

Here’s the official new show description for That Makes Total Sense! Take a listen to this first episode of the new season to get a picture of the heart behind the change.

Welcome to That Makes Total Sense! A podcast about exploring God’s generosity and justice.

I’m Alexis Busetti – a Christian aiming to ask good questions and encourage you to do the same.

Every one of us is wired by God to live out generosity and justice, but sometimes the how eludes us. That Makes Total Sense! is a way for us to get together, posture ourselves as learners, and challenge one other to practice generosity and justice in a tangible way everyday.

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