That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 117 - The Substance Podcast

Oh how the tables have turned! Philip, Vince, and Trevor over at The Substance podcast asked me to come on their show. This host ended up on the other side of the interview and…it was so much fun! These three friends and theology buffs have produced dozens of episodes aiming at being biblical, thoughtful, and human and they deliver. They promise an engagement of the culture without the culture war and how they go about it is so refreshing. From movies to shout-outs these guys are crushing it! Our shows have some common themes, we’ve hosted some of the same guests, and today we shared a wonderful conversation around podcasting and exploring God’s generosity and justice.

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Mentioned in this episode:

The Liturgy of Politics by Kaitlyn Schiess

Madam Secretary on Netflix

The Daily podcast by the NYT

The Holy Post podcast

Casa de Paz founded by Sarah Jackson

Episode 043 with Rev. Malcolm Foley

Episode 057 with Daniel Hill

Grace from the Rubble and  Change of Heart by Jeanne Bishop

Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair by Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson

Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores by Dominique Dubois Gilliard

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