That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 198 - Jen Rosner

It is always a joy to welcome one of my professors to the podcast! This conversation with Jen Rosner was a true gem. Jen is a Messianic Jewish believer, which means she is Jewish and follows Jesus as her Messiah. Her unique perspective gives her a rich lens with which to view her faith and along with it, the complicated and complex relationship between Christianity and Judaism. In this episode, Jen shares her story of how she came to faith in Jesus. We chat about church history, including some of the shadow sides, and how embracing tension in our faith journeys can be rich and rewarding.

Mentioned in this episode:

Finding Messiah: A Journey Into the Jewishness of the Gospel by Jennifer M. Rosner

Healing the Schism: Karl Barth, Franz Rosenzweig, and the New Jewish-Christian Encounter by Jennifer M. Rosner

Paula Fredriksen at Boston University

Amy-Jill Levine (great video from her, + a book my hubs loved!)

Mark Nanos: A “Paul within Judaism” Perspective

Mark Kinzer, Messianic Jewish theologian

Jesus and the Forces of Death: The Gospels’ Portrayal of Ritual Impurity within First-Century Judaism by Matthew Thiessen

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One thought on “Episode 198 – Jen Rosner

  1. It is always profitable to learn and question why we believe what we do. I take away from this podcast that tension is a growing process without it we stagnate and settle into complacency. Thank you both for your honesty.

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