That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 148 - Eric Costanzo

Eric Costanzo is a pastor in my home state of Oklahoma! Together with previous guest, Matt Soerens, and Daniel Yang, he has written a fantastic book called Inalienable about how imperative it is for the American church to engage and learn from the global church, especially from voices we have historically sought to marginalize. We discuss how decentering the white American church is necessary for health and growth and ways to intentionally seek theological and spiritual formation from sources that have previously gone by the wayside.

Connect with Eric on Twitter @eric_costanzo

Mentioned in this episode:

Inalienable: How Marginalized Kingdom Voices Can Help Save the American Church by Eric Costanzo, Daniel Yang, and Matthew Soerens

Episode 118 with Matthew Soerens

Episode 063 with Kaitlyn Schiess, author of The Liturgy of Politics

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