That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 214 - Collin Cornell

Dr. Collin Cornell is a professor of Bible and Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. Our conversation for this episode is based on a forthcoming article by Collin that puts some question marks over the grand biblical narrative many of us have come to take for granted. For me, the topic of fellowship as it relates to Christology speaks to the (almost irreverent) question I sometimes have hanging over my head, which is: Why Jesus? Did Jesus come to us incarnate just to serve some utilitarian purpose in his death and resurrection? What else is present in the story of his life and how does that effect how we interact with him as Creator God and Savior?

*Show notes will be updated with the link for the article once it is published*

Mentioned in this episode:

Forthcoming article: “God’s Mission Story Centers on Fellowship” by Dr. Collin Cornell

OnScript Podcast – Elaphantine with Collin Cornell

The Great Story and the Great Commission: Participating in the Biblical Drama of Mission by Christopher J. H. Wright

Dr. Michael Goheen

Irrevocable: The Name of God and the Unity of the Christian Bible by R. Kendall Soulen

Norman Wirzba at Duke Divinity School

“Ongoing Incarnation: Would Christmas have come even if we had not sinned?” by Philip Yancey in Christianity Today, January 10, 2008

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