That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 102 - Elsie Tshimunyi McKee

Dr. Elsie Tshimunyi McKee, retired professor of Reformed Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary, joins me on the podcast today. She has co-written a lovely book with her friend Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna, whom you’ll hear us refer to as Maman Monique during the course of our conversation. Both ladies grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and share a heart for ministering to the people around them, especially women and those affected by systemic poverty. This conversation has a uniquely personal tone as Elsie conveys Maman Monique’s heart and mission as well as her own relationship to her ministry and story.

A little side note as you listen to this interview: Maman Monique continues her life and ministry in the DRC which can make connecting by internet complicated and other technological tools difficult to access. Thankfully, Elsie is happy to share her friend’s story with stateside audiences and we are so appreciative.

Mentioned in this episode:

Cradling Abundance: One African Christian’s Story of Empowering Women and Fighting Systemic Poverty by Monique Misenga Ngoie Mukuna with Elsie Tshimunyi McKee

Woman, Cradle of Abundance U.S. based non-profit

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