That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 081 - A.D. Thomason

A.D. “Lumkile” Thomason has a vast resume. He is a husband, father, holds a doctorate, studied fashion, spoken word artist, filmmaker, former pastor and basketball player. His new book is out called Permission to Be Black: My Journey with Jay-Z and Jesus and it is deep. Throughout his life, A.D. never really processed the trauma he experienced. He was led to believe what was happening all around him was normal and that the normal way to deal with it was to just move on like nothing happened. All of that changed during his first counseling session. A.D. left feeling like he was getting the cheat codes at life! He learned he didn’t have to internalize or suppress, but he could process and be healed. And now he passes on that wisdom, that each of us have permission to process, be healed, and move forward by the grace of Yeshua (Jesus). Praise God! Thankfully, A.D. couldn’t keep all this treasure for himself; he shares the codes in this book (and drops some of the gems in our conversation, too). Get ready!

Connect with A.D. at or on Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about the book at

P.S. – I loved A.D.’s conversation with Tyler on Pass the Mic!

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