That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 206 - Kate Boyd

I am so stoked to have Kate Boyd on the podcast! For anyone who is curious about the word “deconstruction,” is going through it, or knows someone who is – this conversation is for you! While Kate’s story of faith and mine have some overlap (primarily in the Bible Belt experiences), hers also includes interacting with believers from all over the globe whose faith looked very different than the one she knew. Meeting these people and hearing their stories piqued Kate’s interest and she began to ask questions of her own context. She is quick to say that her deconstructing/detangling process is not the norm or the guide, but if you find yourself there, Kate’s story serves as a helpful companion to have along the way.

Mentioned in this episode:

An Untidy Faith: Journeying Back to the Joy of Following Jesus by Kate Boyd

Evolving Faith podcast – Special Episode: “Patchworks of Meaning: Stitching Together Our Stories with Scripture” with Barbara Brown Taylor

Fuller Theological Seminary “What We Teach” (including a statement on ‘inerrancy’)

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