That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 071 - Alexis Busetti

As I reflect on Christmas, especially in 2020, I’m reminded that we live in a time of now and not yet. When John the Baptist came crying as a voice in the wilderness announcing the Kingdom of Heaven is here, he also had to live in the reality that the Kingdom of Heaven is not yet. Jesus lived in the same reality as John…and us. Jesus brought with Himself the Kingdom of God and saw His friends die and felt the pain of betrayal. Jesus saw suffering and lived alongside those who suffered. He was not unlike us in that way. 2020 has brought unspeakable pain and heartache, but do we have a theology for the suffering? Jesus did and does. If we pay attention, He taught us how to live well while the Kingdom is now and not yet.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 071 – Alexis Busetti

  1. Alexis, such a beautiful word and great teaching on living in “now and not yet “. I know He hears our prayers and is with us now and I will continue trusting Him as I live in the not yet. Much love to you sweet friend.

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