That Makes Total Sense!
That Makes Total Sense!
Episode 041 - Neisha Pittman, Nothin But God

It is not everyday that I get to interview one of my closest friends for the podcast, but today you’ll hear one of those times! Neisha Pittman is a believer in Jesus, wife to Michael, and owner of the apparel brand Nothin But God. Neisha’s testimony of how she met Jesus is nothing short of spectacular. She was doing her own thing in college, living out who she thought was her true self as a lesbian. As much as she embraced her lifestyle and experienced enjoyable but destructive habits leading to even more, she never found true peace. In this episode we hear how a series of events and relationships led Neisha to a church service where Jesus and His love became real to her! Listen to Neisha’s story of finding love, freedom, and redemption in Christ. She delivers the truth that when it comes to what truly matters in life, it’s Nothin But God.

As a special bonus, Neisha is offering all listeners of this podcast a discount at her store. The code is: TotalSense in your cart. Or to receive the discount automatically follow this link:

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