Ep. 224 – Matthew Kaemingk

Woohoo! Dr. Matthew Kaemingk is back on the podcast! And this time, he is talking about the incredibly important subjects of work and worship. Conversations concerning work and worship have abounded in my house for decades. How do we view work? What's in a calling? What about ministry as a vocation? Where do we see … Continue reading Ep. 224 – Matthew Kaemingk

6 Things I’ve Learned From Observing Sabbath

By Alexis Busetti Originally published in August 2019 on Family Christian I’ve noticed a trend lately among evangelical Christians - the rebirth of Sabbath observance.  Taking one day a week off and dedicating it to worship and rest.  It’s beautiful!  And for me, it’s familiar.  Back in college (almost two decades ago) a small group … Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned From Observing Sabbath